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Primarily we offer interior architecture services for residential properties. This covers internal structural modifications, building extensions, interior design, built-in furniture design, product installation and purchasing and project management.

Interior Architecture and Extensions

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Built in Furniture Design

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Installation and Purchasing

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Service Information

Spatial Planning, Renovation & Extensions

From knocking down walls, to electrical locations, to floor finishes, to walk-in wardrobes, and even picture hanging, we've got you covered. We are equipped to work with you from pre-construction all the way through until we fit that last light bulb.


Typically in our first meeting we will sit down and discuss your likes and dislikes, lifestyle and expectations from our collaboration. From this we work on a concept booklet and sketch out some designs for you to get both parties thinking. Once a design direction has been agreed upon we move onto technical drawings and purchasing selection for your fixed items, such as tiles, kitchen equipment or simply your taps. Adjusting as we go, we problem-solve and keep fresh ideas moving to ensure the project dynamic and on track. Final phase sees the finishing of the walls and installation of fixed lighting features. From this, we can either leave you to decorate as you wish or move into the interior styling of your home as detailed below.

Colours, Fabrics and Furnishings

Design should be about flow, comfort and usability. No two persons' ideas of these key elements are the same which is why we think it is important to understand what you as a person need from your environment. For example, some people love house plants, others kill them. Some people don’t watch TV, whilst others prefer a cinema screen. From home bars to children’s play areas, everything is achievable and together we can work out what you need for your home.

This service can cover restyling of your existing home with maybe a few licks of paint, or the complete implimentation of a new interior design. For both of these choices we will cover colours, fabrics and furnishings. Exploring your preferred palates and discussing how they can be best applied to enhance your home using mood boards, presentations and 3D sketches. 

For example; kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobe, snug with hidden storage

Details are always an important part of your comfort at home. Built-in furniture solutions are just those luxury, tailor-made details which can turn that awkward space into an incredible feature. Odd alcoved rooms can become walk-in wardrobes, funny niches can become a snug space with hidden storage and compact corners can become an efficient kitchen, or maybe you're lucky and you've got a nice neat corner that is begging to be made into a luxury home bar. 

Whatever your built-in furniture needs, we have a solution for you. We specialise in the weird and wonderful and we always have a creative solution. For this type of project we typically work with sketches and create three options for your space with different layouts and materials so you can decide which feels best.  From this we would create carpenter drawings to build your design. Either using one of our prefered craftsman, or one of your choice, we would then see the installation and realisation of your design. Styling of the finished design can also be included in the service if you wish.

Installation and Purchasing

Furniture and Lighting Products

Just like it says on the tin with this service we will source, purchase and install those much needed items. We will discuss with you your budget, style and time frame to make sure we find the perfect solution for your home. 

Within this service we also cover moving house, this means that we can provide a service wherein we will help you to move into your new home and set up all you belongings. So all you have to do is turn up and commence your new life in your perfect new home, hassle free. 

Project Management

Creating and Managing a project

As your project manager we would work with you, your building architect and your builder to create a strong supported design team. We offer this service in conjunction with our other design services, usually interior architecture, as a way to help our clients manage their projects. We would take responsibility for the projects time management, phase your design implementation and ensure you get frequent updates on progress.

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