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Our Process

Our Process

At Katriona Alice, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible service. Each project is different so we always like to start with a meet-and-greet to listen to your specific requirements and vision. After this we will create a clear project objective and get going on our design concept.

Our concept phase will start with precedent images and sketched layouts. We like to create a presentation with a variety of looks and feels to discuss what you like, and what you don't. This helps guide the design and allows you to make informed decisions early on. 

After a concept has been finalised we move onto the detail phase. This will start with technical drawings of the architecture and/or any built in furniture items (it's important to get these done a.s.a.p. for tender). Then following agreement on the details, we will work with you to appoint specialist contractors for every detail of the design. 


Finally we have purchasing and installation, this can be a massive job with hundreds of items required for every project. We work our way through your design and make sure every choice is accounted for; fabrics, furnishings, lighting, curtains, the list is endless.


Throughout our process we like to be transparent and keep an open line of communication at all times, meaning we are always just a text or picture away from any troubleshooting you may have. All our files are kept on shared online platforms for the client to review at any time and questions are always welcome.

Services & Tariffs

Services & Tariffs

We believe in creating beautiful spaces that work for each individual clients’ needs, which means in most cases there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  However to help you decide on the kind of service you need please take a look at some of the standard services we offer.

How, why, who and what should I do with my home?

Each project is different so we always like to start with a meet-and-greet to listen to your specific requirements and vision. If possible it is great to get any photographs, plans or precedent ideas you might already have so we can make the meeting as productive as possible. During the meeting we will run through the scope of works, the styles you had in mind and the timeline for the project. After this we can create a clear project objective and draw up a suitable project proposal for you. 

Your first appointment will be €100, including travel, but this will be deducted from your final bill should you choose to proceed with our service. Meet-and-greets are available via Skype or one-to-one.

Check our contact page to get in touch

Publishing House
Bedroom Design

Colours, Fabrics and Furnishings

This service can cover restyling of your existing home with a few licks of paint, to a completely new interior design. Whatever your needs, we explore choices for furnishing, lighting and accessories with a choreographed concept to your lifestyle. 

Our fees :

Full Property Design - from 60€* per m2

Kitchen and Bathroom Design - additional surcharge 3,200€*

Your budget :

The basic considerations for any project should the size of the space and the extent of detail you are considering. Generally an apartment renovation cost between 1,500 - 3,000€ per m2, with the big ticket items costing you additional amounts such as a kitchen at 40,000€ or bathroom at 20,000€. We provide detailed overviews of products costs and discuss for you as part of your design package. Please see project management for our installation fees.

Interior Design
Interir Architecture

Spatial Planning, Renovation & Extensions

From knocking down walls, to electrical locations, to floor finishes, to full blown extensions, we've got you covered. We are equipped to work with you from pre-construction all the way through until we fit that last light bulb.

Our fee :

Starting from 110€ per m2 * ; 

includes concept, detail, purchasing and final fittings.

excludes project management, from 50€* per hour. 

Your budget :

A well designed home usually costs between 2,000 - 3,000 € per m2 for the builders work and materials. Of course this is dependent on your quality of finish and the extent of the architectural remodelling. Key items for considerations in any budget should be :

  • General finishes for floors, walls, ceilings and stairs

  • Wall re-configuration 

  • Water system and plumbing layout

  • Electrical and lighting layout

  • And the big spenders, costing you additional amounts such as a kitchen at 40,000€ or bathroom at 20,000€

009 LBC Colour Perspective.jpg
Built-in Cabinet Design
210111 OL Website_Page_08_edited.jpg

Purchasing and Site Management

Project Management

For a supported with installation and site management we offer a variety of packages. From simple purchasing to full hands-off management of your site. 

Our fees :

Complete Site & Product Management , 600€* per week

Purchasing only, from 800€*

An all inclusive package for a brand spanking new home

This is usually our expat speciality package. It can be overwhelming moving to a new country, we've done it ourselves and learnt all the lessons for you! So don't worry we're here to help make it a smooth ride and create your perfect home, from home. This package is all-inclusive; interior design, architectural design and built-in furniture

Our fee:

Custom quotes are provided based on size and scope.

Contact us for a meet-and-greet to discuss your needs and see how we can help you. 

Your budget:

 We've come up with some very inventive budget distribution ideas to accommodate all sorts of requests over the years. Whether your cash ready or need a plan to spread the costs over a few years, we can help you find your solution. 

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The Full Monty

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* all prices exclude VAT / BTV

Ready to get started? Contact us today to make your design dreams a reality.

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