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An apartment renovation in the heart of Amsterdam. 

The brief asked for a light and bright home with strong details on a simple palette. The clients come from rugged South Africa and love natural materials and tactile finishes. So we mixed the textures of natural wood, ceramic finishes and chalky colours to create an oasis in their home. 

The bathroom has a green concept with green ceramic tiles, hanging plants and natural stone sinks. The bedrooms calm and white with warm grey curtains, rattan lights and wooden bed frame. The living room again neutral with warm curtains and statement furniture pieces. Then the kitchen is a mix of fun exposed brick walls with wooden front cabinets and natural stone countertops. 

Project Photographs

Chic and Modern
Modern but slightly Morrocan
Warm and Inviting
Simple and calm
Rattan and Wood
His and her stone washbasins
It's all about tactility
Brushed Stainless Steel fixtures
Handmade Indonesian Stone Washbasins
Backlit Vanity Mirrors
Handmade Porcelain Lamps
Colour matching
Bespoke towel rails on radiator
Wood Craftsmanship
Bespoke towel hooks
Shower enclosure or bathtub oasis?
Mood lighting
Beautiful tiles
Shelves shelves shelves
Bespoke Kitchen Design
Fake Brick Tiles
Glass Pendant light
Appliance Design
Dining Room Details
Natural Kitchen Design
Hanging Kitchen PLants
Kitchen Island
Natural Kitchen Design

Sketches and Project Work

Title Page
Sketch Colour Floor Proposed Plans
Concept Ideas for Apartment
Living Floor Plan
Light and Airy Mood Bood
Green and Natural Materials
Cosy Living Room
Open Living Area
Mood Board Kitchen
Kitchen Layout
Kitchen Colour Sketches
Materials and Products
Kitchen Architectural Plan
Joinery Details
Kitchen Island Concept
Floor Plan Bedroom Floor
Concept Images
Bedroom Sketch
Guest Room Ideas
Home Study
Pull Put Sofa Bed
Bathroom Materials and Mood Board
Bathroom Layout
Bathroom Drawings
Bathroom Sketches
Bathroom Architectural Drawing
Washbasin Layout with Products
Toilet Products and Accessories
Bath and Shower Products
Before and After Bedroom
Before and After Bathroom
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