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Choosing your dream bathroom tiles

There is a plethora of choice out there, so we’ve made it easy with our step-by-step guide to choosing your dream bathroom tiles.

// Waterlooplein Project by Katriona Alice.

Blue tiles by Winkelmans, Gold tiles by VT Wonen

and Marble effect tiles by Casa39

Choosing paint colours, furniture and flooring are all part of the fun; but you can’t beat choosing bathroom tiles. Tiles add colour, texture and design to your space, transforming your bathroom into something clean and modern; smart and elegant or decadent and glam.


// Vondelpark Project by Katriona Alice.

Feature tiles by Design Tegels

Where should I use tiles?

You can choose whether to tile the entire wall from floor to ceiling or just half the wall. You could also try one wall tiled and one painted wall. Or if you want your accent tiles to stand out even more, why not consider a contrasting grout colour or a textured tile?

There are lots of different options to give your bathroom a unique design feel, but always consider the space and the size of the room. To make a space feel bigger use larger tiles and don't clutter with too many tile variations. To make a room feel small and cosy, try dark accents and use nooks or feature items to break up vast spaces.

Why not take a look at our Pinterest board on bathrooms to get you creativity flowing?


// Fittings by West One Bathrooms Ltd

Choosing Fittings and Accessories

First thing’s first: choose your feature products or fittings. Is it an antique free-standing bath with claw and ball feet? A wall spanning mirror or a stylish walk-in rainfall shower? Or perhaps a beautiful vintage vanity?

The options are endless, but try to not get carried away. Choose theme or a focal piece early-on in the project so you can hone in on a style and pick a design direction straight away. This will not only speed up your decisions for selecting tiles but also for other items in the space.

If you find yourself wondering off in different directions why not consider taking some samples home and leaving them in the bathroom space for a few days. There is no such things as too many samples in one room, but there is such a thing as too many styles! So take your time, enjoy the process and make your decision when you are ready.


// Eccentricity ......

// .... or Minimalism?

Choosing Wall Tiles

Our advice to you: subtle, subtle, subtle ... ACCENT PIECE!!!! Now subtle doesn't mean boring, subtle could mean; a basic repeat pattern, white tiles with 3D effects, hand-coloured finishes. You just want to find a tile which unifies the room and makes you feel good in your space. There is a huge range of tiles out there so don't limit yourself.

Accent tiles.... Dress up your bathroom shower tile with an inspiring design concept, be it a big bold colour or a unique pattern, this will be something you want to see every day. They're as so many options - from unusual shapes such as hexagon and diamond to crazy mosaic patterns and opulent marble looking tiles. We personally love mixing patterns and colours to make the room fun and interesting but try to keep to a maximum of two accent tiles, preferably in the same style or colour.

Note: If you have split bathroom and wc or more then one bathroom. Remember you can always use the tiles you like, but didn't match, for another space, even the kitchen!


// Contrasting effect...

// ... or complimentary theme?

Choosing Floor Tiles

Once you’ve got your walls sorted, look down at the floor. There are two routes for floor tiles - if you’ve gone for a simple wall tile, consider using a unique floor tile to create that wow-factor; but if you’ve gone for something crazier on the walls, opt for simple floor tiles to complement the space.

We love high relief tiles, not only do they look amazing but they are naturally anti-slip and feel great under your feet. Whichever style you choose, make sure your tiles are R10 or E12 rated, no matter how careful you are an anti-slip finish is a must!

Another factor to consider is underfloor heating, this is great for you, the environment and your bathrooms life span. The spread of residual warmth will help keep the room dry and warm, which is fabulous in bare-feet but also stops water build-up in corners or mould in your grouting.


// Balham Project by Katriona Alice Designs.

Tips and Tricks

A few of our final tips include sourcing mould-free grout, considering textured-effect tiles to create an added dimension to your bathroom design and working with a competent DIY-er to fix the tiles.

Where possible always view the samples in real-life or order a sample online to make sure there are no suprises. Check out our top 5 online suppliers :

For your accessories and sanitary fittings there are so many online choices. We always end up spending hours searching for that perfect faucet or hook. We always find pinterest a good place to start or try some of our favourite online bathroom stores :


Ready to get started?

At Katriona Designs, we specialise in providing a bespoke service with exceptional design solutions at the heart. We take pride in working closely with our clients to ensure our designs and builds are tailored to each individual client’s needs. So, if you’re looking to chat about beautiful bathrooms, maximising space and tiling solutions, get in touch – we’re here to help!


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